My successes in graphics computing began with creation of an generative AI platform at the university of Massachusetts. I gained more practical experience in computing and AI/ML during summer internships at Kodak, DEC and Bell Labs. I  development the first fruit fly genetic database at The Waksman Institute, a prototype for multi-omic analysis of disease data at Boston University and MIT, algorithms in precision medicine using AI/ML at MIT's Broad Institute, protocols for selecting the biomarkers for drug discovery at Harvard Medical School that are still used after 20 years. Details and references can be found here. While in the naughts (the 00s), the cost of DNA sequencing was still prohibitively expensive limiting the amount of discovery that could take place, I began a consultancy to help executives with their marketing strategies. Returning to science, I now work where drug discovery and business meet, leading a successful boutique consultancy, Biopharmix, which serves startups in SAAS, medtech, and biotech worldwide.

"Key to releasing the truth about Black people's and women's capabilities is our willingness to shed our inclination toward professional modesty, and to broadcast and amplify our successes so that everyone can benefit from the inspiration, enlightenment, and challenge they bring."

     Exercising one's inherent right to an education and a fulfilling profession, regardless of their identities, requires initiative.  For some of us, in the face of centuries of inequality, having support in developing that initiative is crucial, not only for fulfilling our own personal goals, but also as a step towards dismantling the legacies of discrimination in our broader communities. One of two goals of this project is to provide young people of all races and genders with that inspiration.

     Racism, sexism and other forms of oppression impact everyone, regardless of our identities. The nature of this impact is insidious, so we often don't  realize its existence. However if more people are willing to confront the implicit biases we consciously and unconsciously hold and share as truths by welcoming stories of successes by a wider variety of scientists than is largely available, we can better enable ourselves and others to internalize the breadth and depth of the contributions of all people. The second goal of this project is to provide adults of all backgrounds those learning opportunities.

-Rhonda Harrison


     As a Baha'i, I have always sought to serve humanity by drawing among my unique strengths and experiences. With this project, I intentionally share my stories, skills and knowledge based on my experiences as:

  • a Black and a female scientist

  • an academic and entrepreneur

  • a compassionate community leader

  • a scientist with tech and business roles

  • a biotech science herstorian

These presentations are my contribution to a more just and equitable society. Organizations thrive where diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) practices are understood, adopted and celebrated. I hope your organization will join me in this journey.